Office 2000 Basics: Launching Office 2000

Lesson 2: Launching Office 2000



By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Open and launch an Office application
  • Close an Office application
  • Exit Office 2000

Opening Office and launching an application

Use the Start button on the taskbar to start Microsoft Office 2000.

To start Microsoft Office 2000:

  • Click the Start button Start button.
  • Select Programs. A pop-up menu appears.
  • Select the Office application you want to open, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Your chosen program opens, ready for you to begin work, create a new file, or open an existing one.

Start menu with Excel selected

Closing and exiting

To close a current Office file:

  • Choose File menuactionClose from the menu bar.

Or use your keyboard:

  • Alt + FactionC

File menu with close selected

To exit Microsoft Office completely:

  • Choose File menuactionExit from the menu bar.

Or use your keyboard:

  • Alt + FactionX

File menu with exit selected

Check this outYou can close and exit using the close buttons in the top-right corner of your window:

Close boxes

Did you know?

Important pointThe most drastic way to exit Microsoft Office is to simply turn off your computer.

Important pointDon't do it! If you turn your computer off without first exiting properly from a Microsoft Office program, you may lose your data. Worse, your computer may zap other files on your hard drive.

Important pointMake a habit of closing an Office application (such as Word) before exiting Microsoft Office entirely.