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Lesson 3: Common LinkedIn Terms


Common LinkedIn terms

Connections? Endorsements? Recruiters? If you're new to LinkedIn, there are a few terms that may seem a little confusing at first. Reviewing some of the most commonly used terms will give you a better understanding of how LinkedIn works and what to expect as you get started.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn about some common terms on LinkedIn.

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A recruiter is someone who works for a company to find new employees. On LinkedIn, recruiters will post job openings and search for new candidates.


Your profile is what other people will see when they find you on LinkedIn. You can think of your profile like a resume—a place to add information about your employment history, education, and skills.

LinkedIn also allows you to add things you might not include on a traditional resume, like a profile picture and personal summary.


LinkedIn makes it easy to add new and existing contacts, known as connections, to your online network.


Once you've connected with someone on LinkedIn, you can request a recommendation from that person. This is a short paragraph that will appear on your profile. A recommendation should speak to your professional strengths and skills.


Your connections can endorse you for skills you've added to your LinkedIn profile. This is an easy way to verify your skills.