Instagram: Photo Sharing Tips

Lesson 6: Photo Sharing Tips


Photo sharing tips

Updated Version: We have a new-and-improved tutorial about Instagram, called Instagram Basics. You can access it here

Whenever you post a photo on Instagram, you'll have many different sharing options.

Captions and hashtags

You can add a caption to any post you share on Instagram. You can also include a hashtag in your caption. A hashtag is any word in a caption that's preceded by a pound sign (#). For example, we've added hashtags like #howto #instagram to a lot of our posts. To do this, tap the caption box, type your caption, then tap OK.

Tagging other people

If you're posting a photo of someone you follow on Instagram, you can tag that person in the photo. To do this, select Tag People.

Then tap the person in the photo, and start typing that person's user name. When you're finished, tap Done.

Adding a location

If you want, you can also include the location where your photo was taken. Whenever you do this, your photo will be added to your Photo Map, which you can access from your Profile.

Sharing to other social networks

If you want, you can also share your post to other social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. Just select the desired accounts from the Share page and sign in with your user name and password.

Deleting photos

If you share a photo by mistake, or if you just want to remove a photo you've shared, you can delete it. To do this, tap the More button above a post, then choose Delete.