Iceberg Thinking: Life's Risks and Rewards

Lesson 5: Life's Risks and Rewards


Life's Risks and Rewards

Fear of the unknown can lead to quick decision-making without careful reflection. When it comes to weighing risk and reward, the desire to feel in control could result in knee-jerk reactions, as well as missed opportunities for change.

Dive Deeper

  • Write: Take some time to reflect and write in your journal. What do you hold near and dear to your heart, and do these things have any connection to what you fear most in life?
  • Watch: Today there's a lot of buzz around entrepreneurship, which involves both risk and reward. Watch our video What is An Entrepreneur? Then discuss the following two questions:
  1. What are the risks of being an entrepreneur, and what are the potential rewards?
  2. Is being an entrepreneur the type of risk that excites you? Why or why not?