Iceberg Thinking: "An Eye for an Eye"

Lesson 3: "An Eye for an Eye"


"An Eye for an Eye"

The concept of “an eye for an eye” is over four thousand years old. Its influence has spanned across history and cultures–but its value to society is still being debated to this day.

Dive Deeper

  • Discuss: Do you think it’s more important for the justice system to punish offenders or to rehabilitate them? (To rehabilitate means to help a person get back on track—through training, counseling, or opportunities). 
  • Capital punishment/the death penalty follows the eye for an eye philosophy—a life for a life. In a group, write a list of the pros and cons of capital punishment. How does your own viewpoint reflect your core values? (Note: It might be helpful to brainstorm core values as a group first. What do people value? For example, fairness, honesty, growth, second chances, etc.)