Iceberg Thinking: Making Assumptions

Lesson 2: Making Assumptions


Making Assumptions

Our brains are wired to make assumptions as they navigate daily life. But when it comes to understanding people, our assumptions can be misguided. There’s a lot we stand to gain by not rushing to judgment.

Dive Deeper

  • Watch this video about teens making assumptions. What is an assumption someone has made about you?
  • Think about the dynamics of an interview. Discuss the goals of an interviewer and the goals of an applicant. How might assumptions on either side lead to negative consequences? What can both sides do to keep this conversation authentic, or genuine? 
  • Pair/Group Activity: Learners can pair up or sit in a circle. (If they’re paired up, it’s important that they’re partnered with someone they don’t know that well). Everyone is given an index card. They should write down the name of their partner (or person to their left in a circle). Then, without asking, they need to guess the answers to the following four questions about their partner:  (1) Do they have any pets? (2) Do they have any siblings? (3) What’s their favorite color? (4) What’s a future aspiration?  Once everyone is finished, they should pass the card to the person they made assumptions about. Were any of them correct? As a side note, this is a great icebreaker that helps learners get to know each other!