Google Docs: Using the Activity Dashboard

Lesson 24: Using the Activity Dashboard


Using the Activity dashboard

When you share your Google Doc with others, you may want to keep track of who’s seen it. The Activity dashboard can show you who has viewed your document, when they viewed it, and more.

Watch the video below to learn more about viewing activity in Google Docs. 

Accessing the Activity dashboard

The Activity dashboard isn’t available to everyone. To use it, your Google account must be part of an organization, like a business or school.

organization or business Google account

You also need permission to edit the document, and you must use the web browser version of Google Docs. For more info, go to our Sharing and Collaborating lesson.

selecting editor permission

To find the Activity dashboard, click the jagged arrow icon in the top-right corner of a document.

clicking jagged arrow icon

Viewing Activity

We’re going to focus mainly on the Viewers tab, but you can find stats and other info by going to these tabs on the left.

selecting viewers tab

If someone has been invited to view or edit the document, the Viewers tab will tell you the last time they opened it.

when document was last viewed

You can also click All Viewers to see everyone from your organization who has viewed the document, whether they were invited or clicked a shareable link.

selecting all viewers tab


This feature is helpful in monitoring changes to your document. However, it does have limitations:

  • Only viewers with Google accounts will appear.
  • If users outside of your organization click a shareable link, they will not be listed.

Users can also hide their viewing activity via options in the Privacy settings tab. Although it isn’t perfect, hopefully the Activity dashboard can tell you what you want to know.