Word 2000: Drawing Objects

Lesson 26: Drawing Objects



By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Use drawing objects

Introduction to Word graphics

There are two different types of graphics you can use to give some pizzazz to your Word documents:

  • Drawing objects: A graphic that is part of a Microsoft Word documen
  • Pictures: Graphics that were created from another file

Check this outIn this lesson, you'll learn about drawing objects.

Drawing objects include:

  • AutoShapes: Includes lines, curves, and text boxes
  • WordArt drawing objects

Check this outYou can change and enhance drawing objects using the Drawing toolbar.

Creating drawing objects

Access Word's drawing tools on the Drawing toolbar.

  • Choose ViewactionToolbars actionDrawing.

  • Right-click any toolbar and select Drawing.

  • Click the Drawing button on the Standard toolbar.

Drawing Toolbar.

The Drawing toolbar has two sets of drawing tools: AutoShapes and WordArt.

Using AutoShapes

Use AutoShapes to insert lines, scribbles, basic shapes, and text boxes into your presentation.

To access AutoShapes:

  1. Choose ViewactionToolbarsactionDrawing. The Drawing toolbar opens.
  2. Choose an AutoShape from the AutoShape drop-down menu.

  3. Click any of the drawing tools in the first group of buttons.
    Drawing tools.
  4. The mouse pointer changes to a crosshair Crosshair..
  5. Drag the crosshair from a starting point until the object is the desired size.
  6. Release the mouse button to end the drawing object and turn off the Drawing tool.

Check this outHold down the Shift key to create straight lines, perfect circles, and perfect squares.

Check this outAutoShapes are inserted (on their own layer) with the In front of text wrapping style applied.

WordArt drawing objects

The second set of drawing tools on the Drawing toolbar allows you to create a graphic object from text. Using WordArt, you can create interesting graphics for your document. WordArt can even be shadowed, skewed, rotated, and stretched.

Here are a few examples of what WordArt allows you to do:

Word art examples.

To insert WordArt:

  • Place the insertion point where you want to insert WordArt.
  • Click the WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar Word art button. The WordArt gallery opens.

    WordArt gallery.
  • Choose a WordArt style.
  • The Edit WordArt Text dialog box appears. Edit the font, size, and style.

    Edit WordArt text.
  • Click OK.

Check this outAutoShapes are inserted (on their own layer) with the In front of text wrapping style applied.

Formatting drawing objects

Use the Drawing toolbar to format AutoShapes and WordArt.

White arrow. To select several objects, hold down the Shift key and click each object, or use the Select Objects tool.
Fill color.Fill color allows you to color all selected drawing objects. No fill is the color white.
Line color.Change the line color of a selected object.
Font color.Change the text color of a selected object.
Line style.Change the line style of a selected object.
Dash style.Change the line style of a selected object. This includes solid and dotted lines.
Arrow style.Change the style of arrow.
Shadow.Give selected objects some depth.
Three dimension.Give selected objects a 3-D effect.

Did you know?

Drawing objects are placed in separate layers on top of the text document. AutoShapes are inserted with the In front of text wrapping style applied. If you are working with more than one layer, it can be helpful to move objects from layer to layer.

To arrange objects:

  • Open the Draw menu on the Drawing toolbar.
  • Choose Order.
  • Your choices include:
    • Bring to Front
    • Send to Back
    • Bring Forward
    • Send Backward
    • Bring in Front of Text Send Behind Text