Safari: Bookmarking in Safari

Lesson 4: Bookmarking in Safari



Have you ever found a website you wanted to view later, only to realize you didn't remember the web address when the time came? Bookmarks are a great way to save and organize specific websites so you can revisit them again and again.

In this lesson, we'll talk about how to add bookmarks to Safari, how to manage and organize your bookmarks and folders, and how to import bookmarks from another browser.

Check out the video below to learn the basics of bookmarking in Safari.

To add a bookmark:

  1. Click the Share button in the top-right corner of the window, then select Add Bookmark. You can also press Command+D on your keyboard.
  2. By default, new bookmarks are saved to the Favorites folder. If you'd like to save them somewhere else, click the Folder drop-down menu and select the desired folder.

We recommend only placing a website in the Favorites folder if it is a website you will be visiting frequently. If you save too many, the folder can become cluttered.

Using bookmarks

Once you've bookmarked a website, there are two ways to open the bookmark.

  • The Sidebar button: Click the Sidebar button in the top-left corner of the window to see all of your bookmarks in a sidebar. Simply click a bookmark to open it. Click the Sidebar button again to hide the sidebar.
  • The Smart Search field: Click the Smart Search field, and a window of bookmarks in your Favorites folder will appear below it. Click any of the icons to visit that website.

Managing bookmarks

If you plan to use bookmarks regularly, you may want to learn how to organize them.

To create a folder:

New folders can be added within the Favorites folder or as their own standalone folders.

  1. Click Bookmarks, then select Edit Bookmarks.
  2. A Bookmarks tab will appear. Select the desired location for the folder. In our example, we'll create the folder in the Favorites folder.
  3. Click New Folder, then enter a name for it.
  4. The folder will be created.

  5. You can then click and drag bookmarks into the new folder.

To delete bookmarks and folders:

If you no longer use certain bookmarks or folders, you can always delete them.

  • To delete a bookmark or folder, right-click the bookmark, then select Remove.

You cannot delete the Favorites folder.

To search for a bookmark:

If you're looking for a specific bookmark but can't remember where it's saved, you can search for it.

  • Type an address or search term into the search bar. Any bookmarks matching the search will appear.

Importing bookmarks

If you've already saved a lot of bookmarks in another web browser, you can import these bookmarks into Safari.

To import bookmarks:

  1. Click File, select Import From, then select the browser from which you want to import bookmarks. For this example, we'll select Firefox.
  2. A menu will appear. Select the items you want to import. In our example, we'll import only the Bookmarks. Then click Import.
  3. The imported bookmarks will appear in a folder in your sidebar. You can use the sidebar to reorganize these bookmarks if desired.