Critical Thinking and Decision-Making: Navigating Today's Health Crazes

Lesson 5: Navigating Today's Health Crazes


Navigating today's health crazes

Health crazes are everywhere these days. It seems like new diets, superfoods, and exercise routines are popping up everywhere we look. Trends like these have been around for decades and they show no sign of stopping. But why are they so popular? And how can you determine if they're effective? Let's examine these fads through the lens of critical thinking.

Watch the video below to learn how you can better evaluate health crazes.

What's the cost?

Let's say you run into an ad for an exercise plan that promises weight loss and a sleek physique. The first thing you'll want to do is ask yourself, "Is there something being sold here?" Behind many health crazes is some sort of product. In this case, it could be exercise equipment, a subscription, or content behind a paywall.

illustration of a website selling pogo shoes and online gym classes

Before going all in and clicking "buy", consider this: does the company have your best interest at heart? Or are they selling you something that's ineffective or misleading? Be sure to do your research and see if there's any kind of evidence backing up their product.


In some cases, you might hear about a certain health craze because it's immensely popular. When this happens, it's important to take a look at the trend and ask why before jumping in. Is it popular because it actually works? Or is it popular because it has effective marketing?

illustration of advertisements, articles, and magazine covers showcasing a health crzae called TrimBulk

Many health crazes gain popularity because people want them to work. They're searching for an easy answer to their problems. A lot of companies market their products as quick or easy and people buy into them because they want quick and easy results. Just because a health craze is popular doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthy or that it's the right one for you.

illustration of advertisements showcasing the benefits of TrimBulk

The health craze cycle

With all of these health crazes, there's an inevitable cycle: the current ones fade away and new ones appear to take their place. Most trends don't stand the test of time because their hype dies down or they're found to be less effective than advertised.

illustration of articles discussing the disappearance of the TrimBulk health craze

If the crazes of the past have faded away, we should probably view any new trends that rise up through a critical lens. Amidst this sea of health crazes, it's ultimately up to you to think critically and find the one that's effective, healthy, and right for you.

illustration of a woman running