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Lesson 6: Adding Connections on LinkedIn


Adding connections

LinkedIn makes it easy to add new and existing contacts, known as connections. To add a connection, go to Connections. A list of people you may know will appear. If you find someone you'd like to add, select Connect. You can then add a custom message and click Send. You'll be able to see your total number of connections on your profile page.

Tips when adding connections

  • Use your existing network: When you first create a LinkedIn profile, make sure to connect with the people you already know. Try syncing your email contacts and using LinkedIn's search bar to find friends, classmates, and coworkers.
  • Be personal: When you add a new connection, we recommend customizing the invitation message. Receiving a generic invitation can make it seem like you're networking for networking's sake, so make sure the person knows why you're looking to connect.
  • Ask for introductions: If you're trying to connect with someone you've never met, you should look to see if you have any mutual connections. If so, you can ask your connections for an introduction. Be polite and explain why you are requesting the introduction, and give your connection an opportunity to decline the request.