Learning Tips: Discover Your Learning Style

Lesson 3: Discover Your Learning Style


Discover your learning style

There's no one right way to study. Some methods might work great for one person and not at all for others. That's because everybody learns differently. In order to find a study method that's best for you, it's important to know your learning style.

Watch the video below to learn more about different learning styles.

Learning styles

The four main learning styles are visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic (or hands-on). For most people, one of these methods will work best, but it's also possible for a combination of different styles to be effective.

illustration of an eye, headphones, a pencil writing something, and a hand, to represent the four learning styles

What's your learning style?

To discover your learning style, you can take an online assessment, like the VARK Questionnaire. After answering the multiple-choice questions, you'll receive your results.

If the assessment's results don't feel right, you can also observe yourself and your previous learning experiences to get an idea of how you learn best.

Visual learning

If you're a visual learner, you may find it helpful to create diagrams while studying. These can help you to better understand certain structures or ideas.

illustration of someone looking at notes containing hand-drawn diagrams

You could try color-coding your notes as well. This can help you to organize information and internalize it better. Watching videos can also be a good resource.

Auditory learning

As an auditory learner, you might enjoy studying in groups. This would allow you to have discussions about the material.

illustration of three students in a library having a study session

You could also read your notes aloud since hearing them can help to internalize the information. If your teacher allows it, you could also record lectures so that you can go back and listen to them later.

Reading/writing learning

If you learn best by reading and writing, it's a great idea to take substantial notes during class and read over them often.

illustration of a student in his bedroom writing out some notes

You might also find that when you're trying to memorize something, writing it out can be helpful. Reading and re-reading materials from class could also help you to retain the information.

Kinesthetic learning

Kinesthetic learners tend to have a lot of energy and like being active. Labs and hands-on activities can be helpful in understanding certain ideas and topics.

illustration of a student working on a science lab activity

You might even find it beneficial to review materials while walking around or sometimes even while exercising. Be sure to take breaks during study sessions in order to release some energy, so that you'll have more focus when you return.

illustration of the four different learning styles

These four learning styles may seem pretty different but they can all be used to study the same material. If you're able to determine your learning style along with some study methods that work for you, you just might find yourself getting better results.