Google Docs: Voice Typing

Lesson 27: Voice Typing


Voice typing

With Google Docs, using the keyboard isn’t your only option to add text. You can also just talk and have Google Docs transcribe the words for you. You can use this feature to transcribe meetings and audio recordings, or simply when you want to write faster than you can type.

Watch the video below to learn more about voice typing in Google Docs.

Voice typing is only available in the Google Chrome web browser, and your computer must have a built-in or external microphone. 

Typing with your voice

  1. Click Tools, then select Voice typing.
    clicking voice typing
  2. Click the microphone in the small dialog box that appears.
    clicking the microphone
  3. If a popup appears, click Allow.
    clicking allow
  4. Start talking, and Google will transcribe what it hears. You can add punctuation using voice commands like comma and period. Here is what we said in our example: 

    "Google’s voice typing feature works pretty well (comma) and it even lets you add punctuation using voice commands (period) Even though mistakes are likely to occur (comma) it is still a great way to create notes very quickly (period)"

    And here is what Google transcribed:
    what google transcribed
  5. Click the microphone again to turn off voice typing.

    clicking to turn the microphone off

Google’s voice recognition is good, but it knows that it isn’t perfect, so it underlines words that it’s not sure about in gray. This makes it easier for you to spot any errors.

To fix an error, place your cursor over underlined text, right-click, and choose the best option.

making correction

Making edits with your voice

Voice commands allow you to make edits to your text without touching the keyboard. To find a full list of available voice commands, hover over the microphone, and click the question mark.

hovering over question mark

Here are some examples of how to use voice commands. 

  • "Select are likely to occur."
    select are likely to occur
  • "Delete."
    delete are likely to occur
  • "Might happen."
    say might happen
  • "Stop listening." This command turns off voice typing.
    say stop listening

While it is possible to do extensive edits using only your voice, it can be challenging. If you’re able to work with a mouse and keyboard, you're probably better off using those to make your edits.

Voice typing might not be the best way to edit your resume, but it is a great tool for when you are brainstorming or need to quickly take some notes.