Google Tips: Use Google Forms to Create Quizzes, Surveys, and More

Lesson 1: Use Google Forms to Create Quizzes, Surveys, and More

Use Google Forms to create quizzes, surveys, and more

You've probably heard of Google Docs and Google Sheets before (two of the most popular features in Google Drive). But have you heard of Google Forms?

Google Forms is a fantastic tool for creating forms of all kinds, including quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires. Use it to make your own polls, evaluations, or even a signup sheet for your next office potluck. With a little creativity, there's no limit to what you can do.

All you need to get started is a Google account. (If you don't have one yet, you can review our tutorial. Signing up is free and easy.) You can access the feature inside Google Drive. Click the New button then hover over the arrow of Google Forms followed by selecting Blank form

creating a new Google Form

If you want to see template options, select From a template instead.

In the editor, you can give your form, quiz, or survey a name. You can also start entering your questions. You'll have lots of question types to choose from, including multiple choice, text, check boxes, and scales, which are great for polls and evaluations.

creating questions in Google Forms

To have an answer for each question, you can toggle on Required. This makes sure that those taking the form are required to answer the question in order to submit the Google Form.

Make sure to acquaint yourself with the options above the form. For example, you can change or customize the theme or switch back to editing questions. You can also preview the form, which is useful if you want to give it a try yourself.


When you're done, just click Send. You can send it to people individually or share it in a more public way (for example, via social media).

sending a Google Form

If you don't want anonymous responses, check the checkbox for Collect email addresses. Another suggestion is to have a question that requires individuals to write their name.

When you start receiving responses, you can view them by returning to your form and clicking Responses. You'll have two basic options to choose from: view a summary of all responses, or view a list of every individual response.

viewing responses in Google Forms

You can also view the responses in a spreadsheet (this is recommended because it makes them easier to review and organize) or keep them in Forms. You can learn more about the difference here.

Google Forms is a great option whenever you need to create a quiz, questionnaire, or any other type of form. It's easy enough for beginners but has tons of extra features if you're interested in doing more (you can even add images, videos, and page breaks). Have fun!