Google Meet: How to Host a Meeting

Lesson 2: How to Host a Meeting


How to host a meeting

Whether you want to talk with friends or conduct a business meeting, you can use Google Meet as a practical alternative to meeting in-person. Google Meet lets you plan a virtual meeting ahead of time or start a spur of the moment video chat. To help you host a video call, we've put together a lesson that teaches you how to set up and carry out a meeting.

Watch the video below to learn how to arrange and host a meeting.

In our example, we are using Chrome as our web browser, but you can use the one you’d prefer since Google Meet works with most web browsers. To set up and host a meeting, you’ll need to log in using your Google Account.

To create a video call for a later time:

  1. First, click the New meeting button.
    clicking the New meeting button
  2. From the menu, click Create a meeting for later.
    clicking Create a meeting for later
  3. A dialog box appears giving you a link to copy. Click the copy icon.
    clicking the copy link icon
  4. Now, you can paste it in an email or messaging service to invite others to the meeting. It is important that you save this link so that you can access it later too. Otherwise, you won’t have the link to join the video call. We suggest writing it down or pasting it in a new Google Doc.
    pasting link into a Google Doc
  5. Click the X to close out it.
    closing out of the dialog box

Plan a meeting using Google Calendar:

  1. Click the New meeting button.

    clicking the New meeting button
  2. Then, select Schedule in Google Calendar from the menu.
    clicking Schedule in Google Calendar
  3. A new tab will open taking you to Google Calendar to create an event. You'll see that the event already has a Google Meet link provided.
    new event opens with Google Meet link provided
  4. After filling in the event information, click the Add guests field and type their email addresses.
    typing in the add guests field
  5. When you are done, click Save.
    Saving the event
  6. To send the email invitations, click Send.
    clicking Send
  7. The event will be added to your calendar and you can refer back to it when needed. Before the meeting, simply click the Join with Google Meet button to begin the video call.
    clicking the Join with Google Meet button in the event information

To quickly start a video call:

  1. Click the New meeting button.
    clicking the New meeting button
  2. Then, select Start an instant meeting from the menu.
    click Start an instant meeting
  3. Some pop-ups may occur if you haven't approved the use of your microphone, camera, and notifications. Click Allow for these pop-ups. 
    allowing access to microphone, camera, and notifications
  4. Before entering the meeting, you can decide the settings you want to use. You can choose to join the meeting with your microphone and camera on or off by clicking their icons. Some people turn off their microphone to mute themselves so that no one can hear them. Others keep their microphone on, but may turn off their camera so no one can see them. You can make changes to these settings inside the video call too.
    viewing microphone and camera
  5. If you are using Chrome as your web browser, you also have the choice of changing your background. People use this feature to hide what is actually behind them; especially, if it might be distracting to those in the video call. Once you’ve made your choice, click the icon again to close the panel.
    viewing the Change background options
  6. To enter the meeting, click Join Now.
    clicking the Join now button
  7. For an instant meeting, the video call opens with a dialog box letting you click Copy joining info or Add people to the meeting.
    clicking Add people
  8. Click the Enter name or email field to type their emails.
    typing email addresses to add people
  9. When you are done, click the Send email button.
    clicking Send email button

Hosting the meeting

As the host, you are the person who permits or denies an attendee from entering the video chat. When people without an invitation join the meeting, a dialog box will pop-up. You'll have the choice to Admit or Deny entry for each person. Keep in mind that those denied will not be able to join the video chat.

deciding to Deny entry or Admit

Understanding the video tile functions

Once people have joined the video call, you can carry out your meeting. On your screen, you’ll notice your video tile as well as the video tiles of the people in the call.

video tiles highlighted
  • When you hover your mouse over a person’s video tile, you can choose whether you want to pin that person’s tile to your main screen. This is helpful if there are many people in the call, but you are speaking only to one person and want to see their screen. Click to unpin them to see other people’s screens in the call. 
    pinning a video tile
  • You can click their microphone icon to mute them. Muting means that the individual can’t be heard because their microphone has been turned off by you. The person will then have to unmute from their own device to turn their audio on again.
    muting the microphone of an attendee
  • The circle with the minus icon lets you remove that person from the meeting. Be careful since this can’t be undone and they won’t be able to rejoin the meeting.
    viewing the Remove from meeting icon

The top toolbar

top toolbar
  • If you want to invite more people to the meeting or see who is already in the call, you can click the Show everyone icon. To send more invitations, you can select Add people. Below, you’ll see who is In Call.
    seeing who is in the call
  • If you don’t want to see everyone in the call, you can click the pushpin icon next to your name to only see yourself on the screen. You can click it again to unpin yourself.
    pinning host to the main screen
  • Click the Chat tab to send a message to everyone involved in the call. Type your message in the field at the bottom of the panel then click the arrow button to send it. You can also see messages from those that are already in the call here. When you are done, click the X to close the panel.
    reading the Chat

The three dots menu

On the bottom toolbar starting in the bottom-right corner, click the three dots icon. A pop-up menu appears showing more features.

viewing the three dots menu
  • Select Change layout. This will make it easier to see everyone who is a part of the meeting. Take a look at the dialog box and choose the option that would work best for you. Click the X to close out of it.
    selecting a layout
  • From the More options menu, you can choose Full screen if you want the Google Meet to take up your entire desktop screen. If you didn’t set up a background before joining the call or want to change it, you can select Change background.
  • Within Settings, you can make changes to your Audio and Video to make sure you have the correct equipment selected. You can also Test your Speakers to make sure they are working properly. Click the X to close out of it.
    testing the audio

Exploring the bottom toolbar functions

  • On the bottom toolbar, you also have the option to Turn off microphone. No one will be able to hear you until you turn it back on by clicking the icon again.
    Microphone icon
  • There is also the option to Turn off camera. This will hide you from the audience until you click the icon again.
    Camera icon
  • Finally, when you are done with your video call, simply, click the Leave call icon.
    Leave call icon