Google Classroom Mobile App: Viewing the Stream and People Tabs

Lesson 2: Viewing the Stream and People Tabs


Viewing the Stream and People Tabs

The Stream Tab is where teachers can share an announcement or send their students reminders. They can also attach materials to enrich the lesson. Once students are added to the class, teachers can conduct their class online or use Google Classroom's mobile app for in-class learning. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use the Stream and People Tabs.

Using the Stream Tab

From the Stream Tab at the bottom of your screen, you can share information with their class by posting to the Stream.

tapping the Stream Tab

If you have a message to share, tap Share something with your class…

tapping Share something with your class...

A window pops up allowing you to create your message. Tap the field and type your message.

tapping the Share with your class field

If you need to add a file, video, photo, or link, you can tap Add attachment.

tapping Add attachment

When you are done creating your post, you can tap the three dots to Schedule it or Save draft.

scheduling or saving a post

If you want to add it immediately, tap the Post button.

tapping the Post button

Using the People Tab

The People Tab is where teachers can add students to their class. This process is a little different from the desktop process.

tapping the People Tab

Start by tapping the Invite students icon.

tapping the Invite students icon

You can type the students’ names and email addresses separating them by commas. Also, you can share the Class invite link or Copy it.

typing email addresses or sharing the Class invite link

After students are added to the class, you can click the three dots icon next to a student’s name to email them or remove them from the class.

tapping the three dots to email or remove the student

By using the features found in the People Tab, you can control how to invite students and decide who is allowed to join the class.