Google Classroom Mobile App: Using the Classwork Tab to Grade Work

Lesson 3: Using the Classwork Tab to Grade Work


Using the Classwork Tab to grade work

The Classwork Tab is where teachers can post assignments, and students can complete and turn them in. Once the assignments are submitted, teachers can grade them using Google Classroom's mobile app. In this lesson, you'll learn how to view and navigate the Classwork Tab and how to grade and return student work.

Navigating the Classwork Tab

First, you’ll need to tap the Classwork Tab at the bottom of the screen. To add an assignment, tap the plus sign button. 

viewing the Classwork Tab
Looking at the Create pop-up menu, you can choose either Assignment, Quiz, Question, or Material. If you are creating something that requires detailed editing, you may want to use a desktop computer to make the process easier for you. For our example, we will show the Assignment option. 
viewing the Create pop-up menu

After tapping Assignment, a window appears letting you enter a title, description, point value, and due date. Tap Add attachment

tapping Add attachment

The full list of attachment options allows you to link other Google Apps such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, and Forms. Select the option that works best for you. 

viewing attachment options

When you are done entering the assignment’s information, you can tap the three dots to Schedule it or Save draft.

scheduling or saving a draft of the assignment

If you want to post it immediately, tap the Assign button.

tapping the Assign button

For more information about creating assignments and quizzes, check out our lessons about Creating Assignments and Materials as well as Using Forms with Google Classroom.

Grading and returning work

If you are familiar with the Google Classroom for desktop, you may notice that there isn’t a Grades Tab at the bottom of the screen with Stream, Classwork, and People. Grading is a little different using the mobile app. 

To see our desktop lesson, check out Grading and Leaving Feedback.

From the Classwork Tab, you’ll need to tap an assignment you have already created. For our example, we’ll tap the Food Chain Worksheet under the Topic: Ecosystems.

tapping an already created assignment

The default after clicking an assignment is for it to show the Student work screen. Students are separated into those that have Turned in their work and those who have been Assigned the work, but have not turned it in yet. Select a student listed under the Turned in section. 

selecting a student who turned in work

To see the student’s worksheet, tap the attachment. 

tapping the attachment

To grade the student’s assignment, tap the edit icon in the top-right corner. 

tapping the edit icon

Using the toolbar at the bottom, you can grade the worksheet. When you are done, tap Save

grading using the toolbar then tapping save

Tap Add grade then type the grade. 

typing the grade

If you want to Add a private comment, tap and type in the field.

adding a private comment

Then, tap Return to send the graded assignment back to the student. Students with graded assignments show up under the Graded section.

showing graded assignments

Google Classroom's mobile app lets you grade assignments and give feedback to students while using your tablet or smartphone. For assignments that include a rubric or have multiple attachments, it may be easier to grade using a desktop computer.