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Lesson 15: Facebook News


Facebook news

We've collected the most recent and important updates to Facebook below. Whenever you hear about a recent or upcoming change, you'll find more information on it here.

Keep in mind that Facebook tends to roll out changes slowly, so you won't always see these updates right away. It's also important to note that most new features are introduced on the desktop version before they're added to the mobile versions of Facebook.

February 2016

  • New ways to react to posts: In addition to the Like button, Facebook now allows you to choose from a variety of reactions, including Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. You can choose the desired reaction by hovering the mouse over the Like button or by tapping and holding the Like button on your mobile device. For more information, read Reactions Now Available Globally.
    reactions in facebook

August 2014

May 2014

  • Updated default audience selector: In the past, when you joined Facebook, the audience selector would be set to Public by default. If you did not change this setting, anyone with a Facebook account would be able to see your posts. Now, the audience selector is set to Friends by default, which means that only people you've added as friends on Facebook can see what you share.
  • Updated apps settings: For some websites that use the Facebook Platform, you'll now have the option to sign in using your Facebook account anonymously. This means these sites won't be able to access information from your Facebook account, like your age, gender, and interests. Facebook has also updated the Apps settings page to make it easier to manage your connected accounts.
  • Other changes: Facebook has made a few other minor updates to make it easier for users to control who they share with. For more information, visit Facebook's article Making It Easier to Share With Who You Want.

March 2014

  • Updated News Feed: This update increased the size of posts and stories on the desktop version of the News Feed, but it didn't change much about way the News Feed works. It also increased the size of advertisements to the right of the News Feed.screenshot of Facebook

January 2014

  • Trending Stories: This feature shows you what other people are posting on Facebook. You'll see Trending Stories in the top-right corner of your News Feed. Just click a story to see more posts about it.