Excel Tips: Add a New Row with a Shortcut

Lesson 15: Add a New Row with a Shortcut


Add a new row with a shortcut

There are probably many occasions when you want to add a blank row to your spreadsheet. It just so happens that there is an easy keyboard shortcut for this: Ctrl + Shift + Plus.

Watch the video below to see this shortcut (and a bonus one!) in action.


  1. Click on the row number in order to select the entire row.
  2. Press the three keys Ctrl-Shift-Plus (+) all at once, and your new row will appear above the one you selected.
  3. If you only have one cell selected and want to add a new row without using the mouse, use the Shift-Spacebar shortcut to select the entire row first.
  4. Use the Ctrl-Shift-Plus (+) shortcut to add the new row.
  5. These two shortcuts work well together as a powerful combination, and once you get used to using them, they are much faster than using the mouse. 

It might take some time to remember these shortcuts, but once you do, you’ll find yourself doing them without thinking twice! Read on to learn how to use an entire column as a cell range.