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Welcome to GCFGlobal.org®. By accessing, browsing and/or using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by and comply with all terms in this statement. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this website.

This website is owned and operated by Camber Foundation. The website and all associated content (including Logos and marks, Images, Videos, Lessons) is protected by United States and international copyright and trademark laws. All content on the GCFGlobal.org website is the intellectual property of and copyright protected by Camber Foundation.


Privacy protection is important at GCFGlobal.org, and we want you to know that we make sure your personal information remains confidential. GCFGlobal.org will not release individual records to outside agencies for any reason. Users have access to their own Learner Records and are solely responsible for their release. 

Analytics and Tracking

The GCFGlobal.org website uses Google Analytics (GA) to better understand how visitors use our site. This information allows us to refine our content offerings, optimize our site design, and provide a count of the number of individuals served by our content. GA is the only external service used on the GCFGlobal.org site, and no personally identifiable information is shared with Google (or any external entity). No user data is passed through URLs, and IP addresses are anonymized and obfuscated prior to transmission. Users may revoke the use of GA cookies at any time.


The GCFGlobal.org website uses a limited number of cookies. Short-term “session” cookies are used within a browsing session to display which tutorials have been read by a user. Local cookies are used to save user progress in some programs (such as the Typing Tutorial), but these are not accessible by third parties. Members who sign in accept a token that identifies their status and provides additional tracking and user history data. Users may revoke the use of these cookies at any time.

User Accounts

The details of any user-created accounts will not be shared with any third party, and only includes minimal personally identifiable information (name and email). Users who wish to participate in CEU Programs will be required to create an account (see CEU Programs below for additional information). We reserve the right to deactivate a user's account for violating the terms of this website or for any reason we deem appropriate.


To enable people—regardless of disability—to access the content at GCFGlobal.org, we have designed the website to meet the current U.S. federal guidelines on accessibility as stated in Section 508. Where interactive content is used on the website to convey concepts that are inherently visual or auditory, we provide alternate content in an accessible format where possible.

Educators and Service Providers

All learning opportunities at GCFGlobal.org—tutorials, classes, articles, videos, modules, and interactive lessons—are completely free to all users, and no user should ever have to create an account with an outside agency or pay a fee to use our site. GCFGlobal content may only be used for non-commercial purposes but may not be used for personal or professional financial benefit. We recognize that in some cases users may wish to print content or include lessons or videos in their personal or classroom use. Content used for personal or educational purposes may not be redistributed in any form. Any presentation of GCFGlobal.org content must retain all GCFGlobal attribution and marks, and include the following attribution: “All GCFGlobal.org® content is available for free at edu.gcfglobal.org.”

GCFGlobal.org content may not be copied into and/or redistributed through any content management system, portal, or electronic publication without prior written consent.

If you are interested in using our content, you can complete the Application to use GCFLearnfree.org Content form.

Marketing and linking

Agencies and organizations are welcome to add a link to GCFGlobal.org on their websites, but they may not use our website within a browser frame or in any other way that would give a false impression of affiliation or website ownership. If you want to add a link to our website, please follow the directions for doing so at the bottom of our Media Kit page, where you will find the appropriate HTML code and graphics to create the link.

Agencies and organizations are also welcome to use Camber Foundation marks in advertising, media releases, and other promotional material that discuss our curriculum. Such use shall include the appropriate ® to indicate that the rights to the marks are the exclusive property of GCF® and do not represent a transfer of any rights or privileges to the agency or organization using the marks.

Submitted Content

In some cases, users may submit content to GCFGlobal.org. Users agree not to post any content that is illegal, obscene, harassing, or that violates copyright laws. By submitting content to GCFGlobal.org, you agree to grant GCFGlobal.org and its affiliates,  permission to use the content, free of charge. Submitted content may include but is not limited to class assignments, survey comments, discussions and blog posts, articles, topics, translations, video, audio, photographs, emails, and original works of art. This permission is non-exclusive, so you retain the right to continue to use your content. In its use of your content, GCFGlobal.org will maintain your privacy and will not release personally identifiable information unless you expressly agree to do so. By submitting content to GCFGlobal.org, you are consenting with these terms.