Work and Money Podcasts: Professional Rejection (Podcast)

Lesson 2: Professional Rejection (Podcast)


Professional Rejection Podcast

person feeling the pressure of rejection

Whether it’s during the job search or in the workplace, rejection is never easy. Fortunately, has your back.

These podcasts are conversations between staff members about the challenges of professional rejection. You can hear how they worked through the emotions of a long job search and adapted their resumes in pursuit of better opportunities. Each podcast is the story of someone who refused to give up until they achieved their professional goals.

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The Ten-Year Job Search

Every job search includes its share of rejection and frustration, especially if it lasts 10 years. In this episode, Jessica shares how these obstacles became stepping stones in her decade-long journey for a job worthy of her experience and talents.

Making the Most of Opportunity

Rejection can happen to anyone, from entry-level workers to seasoned professionals. In this episode, we learn about Shane’s varied work history, from the restaurant industry to the videogame business to, and how rejection shaped his career path.

Rejection and the Creative Process

Being creative in the professional world means having to deal with rejection occasionally. In addition to discussing rejection during the job search, Brenda talks about rejection as an inevitable part of the creative process, and how to listen to your creative spirit in light of critical feedback.

Maintaining the Fire

Getting a job in your desired field could take time. For instance, it took Clayton six years to develop his skill set and land a job as a professional writer. In this episode, Lisa and Clayton discuss the emotional impact of rejection, and how to maintain your fire for self-improvement in spite of the frustrations of a long job search.

The Conclusion

Refuse to give up. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Keep a thick skin. In the final episode of the Professional Rejection Podcast, Clayton sums up the themes and advice discussed throughout the series.