Word XP: Find and Replace in Word XP

Lesson 26: Find and Replace in Word XP


Word XP offers several time-saving tools and techniques. For example, the Find and Replace tool can greatly ease your text-editing tasks.

Word XP allows you to search for specific words in your document, as well as fonts, special characters, and formats.

Let's consider a document you are editing that displays Word 2000 but that needs to be updated to Word XP. Currently the document has the text, Word 2000, typed throughout the document. Using Find and Replace to replace Word 2000 with Word XP will save you time and effort as you edit.

A quick-key combination that will launch Find and Replace dialog box is Ctrl+H.

Once you have launched the Find and Replace dialog box, type the word you would like to replace in the Find what: box and the correct word in the Replace with: box. You can even further customize this search by clicking the More button at the bottom of the Find and Replace dialog box. Click Replace All to quickly replace all instances of the word with the correct word.

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