The What/Why Series: What is Money?

Lesson 2: What is Money?


What is money?

The earliest forms of currency first appeared alongside bartering. Money continues to be a placeholder for value–even if we don’t hold it in our hands. As we look back on its past, maybe we should reflect on our personal history with money, too–in order to better understand our differing attitudes toward it.

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  • Reflect: When you think of money, what other things come to mind? Success, greed, freedom? The words can be positive or negative. Then take a look at the following quotes about money: 
  1. “Money makes the world go round.”
  2. “Money doesn’t change people; it unmasks them.”
  3. “Money can’t buy happiness.”
  4. “Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.”

Which one do you react to the most? How do you think your past is connected to your personal attitude toward money? Take some time to write your reflection in your journal. Then feel free to share!

  • Research: The world of money continues to change–including banking and placeholders for value. Take some time to read up on a new concept, like cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), or DeFi (decentralized finance). Then write a one-paragraph summary that breaks this concept down in simple terms.