Search Better: Hidden Features of Google Search

Lesson 3: Hidden Features of Google Search


Hidden features of Google Search

Google can do much more than find a website. In fact, the search engine has numerous features that can simplify your online experience, and you may not know these easy-to-use tricks even existed until now.

Watch the video below to see the hidden features of Google Search in action.

Near me

Including the phrase near me in your searches can provide all sorts of information. Just type something like food near me, coffee near me, or gas near me, and Google will look for nearby examples. Even a phrase like cool places near me delivers unique results, so don’t hesitate to try new ideas.

Math and geometry calculators

To get help with math, enter a problem into the search bar, like 42 divided by 11 or 19*8, and Google will provide both the answer and a calculator.

If geometry is giving you trouble, type solve along with a shape such as triangle or rectangle. This will bring up the geometry calculator, from which you can solve for numerous aspects of a shape.


You can convert many types of measurement, including distance, weight, and temperature. For example, type 5 kilometers to miles, or 30 quarts to gallons to get an instant conversion. You can also use abbreviations, like f for Fahrenheit or kg for kilograms, to keep your typing to a minimum.

Definitions and translations

For help with language and vocabulary, type define and any word to get a definition sourced from the Oxford Dictionary, along with any common synonyms and antonyms.

If you need a language translator, simply type translate. You can also add a word or phrase to the search and immediately get the English version. Keep in mind that these translations are not always perfect, so keep things simple to ensure you get more accurate results.


Whenever you need your local weather, type weather, or add a place name to get the forecast for almost any place on Earth, from Phoenix to Mount Everest. 

Distance between places

To find the distance between places, enter two different locations with the word to in between them, for example raleigh to asheville.

If you want driving directions for this route, just click the Directions icon in the corner.

Shipment tracking

Finally, you can track shipments by entering your tracking number, then clicking your carrier to get all of the details.

The hidden features of Google Search can do a lot, and it’s likely that its functionality will continue to expand. Whether you want a local weather forecast or need to say something in Spanish, the answer shouldn’t be difficult to find.