Publisher 2003: Creating a Blank Publication

Lesson 15: Creating a Blank Publication



By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Create a new blank publication
  • Apply a page layout to a blank publication

Creating a blank publication

Watch the video! (5:58 min)

Publisher provides several options when you want to move beyond the predesigned templates and create your own publication designs. You can create a document completely on your own without any design assistance, or you can use the designs and layouts provided to enhance your ideas.

To create a blank publication:

  • Select FileactionNew on the main menu to show the New Publication task pane.
  • Click Blank Publications to preview the different types available.
  • Select a publication by clicking its preview icon to the right of the task pane.
  • Customize your blank publication by inserting the pictures, shapes, and text you want.

Get Started With a blank publication you can do anything you want. It's up to you!

Selecting a page layout

If you don't want to start with a completely blank document, Publisher can help you with various page layout options.

Quick publication options
  • Select Quick Publication Options in the task pane. A list of page Layout designs will appear.
  • Click the different layout designs to preview them in your document.
  • Enter your own text into the publication once you find a layout you want to use. If you decide to select a different layout, the text you enter will appear in the new layout.


For the next set of challenges, you will want to use your own document.

  • Create a new blank publication of your choice.
  • Explore the different layout options, or start with your own design.
  • Insert at least one image or piece of clip art into your document.
  • Save and close your publication to use in the next challenge.