PowerPoint 2003: Ordering Objects on a Slide

Lesson 20: Ordering Objects on a Slide



By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Order objects such as pictures, text boxes, and other images on a slide

Ordering objects

You may want to arrange multiple objects on a slide to overlap them or arrange them in a visually appealing way. PowerPoint allows you to order objects so you have flexibility with how you design each slide.

To order objects:

  • Select the object you wish to move.
  • Right-click the object.
  • Select Order.
  • Select one of the four options from the cascading menu, and the object will move to the location you choose:
    • Bring to Front
    • Send to Back
    • Bring Forward
    • Send Backward

    Order Objects
  • Continue to order the objects on your slide until they appear the way you wish.


  • Insert a text box into a slide.
  • Enter text into the text box.
  • Insert a picture into a slide.
  • Order the objects so the text box appears over the picture.
  • Insert an AutoShape and position it beneath the right corner of the picture.
  • Close the presentation without saving the file.