PowerPoint Tips: Temporarily Hide Your Presentation

Lesson 2: Temporarily Hide Your Presentation


Temporarily hide your presentation

If you’re in the middle of a presentation and someone asks a question unrelated to the slide on screen, your slide doesn’t have to become a distraction. Instead, you can temporarily hide it by pressing a single key.

Watch the video below to see how quickly you can hide your presentation.


  1. While presenting your PowerPoint, press the W key on your keyboard to display a blank white slide.
  2. Respond to the audience's question or address any issue without any distractions on the screen.
  3. To resume your presentation, press the W key again to go back to the slide where you left off.
  4. Alternatively, you can press the B key to display a black slide, and press it again to return to your presentation.

These shortcuts can ensure that the flow of your presentation isn't interrupted. This will help you to keep your audience’s attention, and make you look polished and professional.

In the third lesson, we’ll go over the steps for quickly zooming with the scroll wheel.