Office 2000 Basics: Open Close

Lesson 7: Open Close



By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Open and close a file in an Office 2000 application

Opening an existing file

The key components of Office 2000 are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. We will focus on these four applications throughout the Office 2000 skill sets.

To open a file:

Important pointChoose FileactionOpen from the menu bar (Ctrl+O).

File menu with open selected

Or use the toolbar:

Important pointClick the Open buttonopen_button on the Standard toolbar.

Standard toolbar with open button

The Open dialog box

  • After selecting Open, the Open dialog box appears.
  • Single-click the file icon, then click Open.

Open dialog box

Closing a file

To close a file:

Important pointChoose FileactionClose from the menu bar.

File menu with close selected


Important pointClick the lower Close button in the top-right corner.

Close boxes

When selecting Close, you leave the file you are working on. When selecting Exit, you leave the application altogether.

When you are working in an Office application, two Close buttons appear in the top-right of the window. Choose the upperClose button if closing the application. Choose the lower Close button if closing the file.


  • Practice opening and closing an existing file.