OS X Mavericks: OS X Mavericks: Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson 1: OS X Mavericks: Frequently Asked Questions

OS X Mavericks: Frequently asked questions

In October 2013, Apple launched OS X Mavericks. We'd like to offer you a brief overview of OS X Mavericks and try to answer some questions you may have at this time.

Since Mavericks is no longer the most recent version of OS X, it is not currently available for purchase. However, OS X El Capitan is available as a free upgrade. Check out our OS X El Capitan tutorial to learn more.

What is OS X Mavericks?

OS X Mavericks is an operating system for Apple computers. It contains a number of new features and improvements that will make your computer more efficient and easier to use.

What's new in OS X Mavericks?

Each new version of OS X usually includes a lot of new features, and OS X Mavericks is no exception. Below are some of the most important changes and features:

  • New and updated apps: OS X Mavericks comes with two new apps: iBooks and Maps. These apps were previously only available on iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad). Some of the pre-installed apps from Apple, such as Safari, Calendar, and Contacts, also have an updated interface and several new features.
  • Finder features: Some of the biggest changes in OS X Mavericks can be found in Finder. If you need to browse through different folders, you can now open tabs in a single Finder window instead of opening multiple windows. You can also tag important files and folders so they're easy to find.
  • Multiple display support: Many users complained that previous versions of OS X did not work well with multiple monitors. OS X Mavericks addresses this issue, making it much easier to use multiple monitors at the same time, even when using full-screen apps.
  • Energy efficiency: OS X Mavericks includes several changes that will make your computer more energy efficient, which can help to improve the battery life for laptops. This can also help to reduce energy costs for desktops.

Will my apps still be there after I upgrade?

Any apps you previously had installed on your computer will still be there once you upgrade. Some Apple apps, like Safari and Calendar, will be updated automatically when you upgrade.

Will my apps still work after I upgrade?

Almost all apps installed on your computer should work correctly in OS X Mavericks. However, as with any new operating system, some software may not be totally compatible. A simple Google search will often be enough to tell if an app will be compatible with OS X Mavericks.