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Lesson 1: Linux Mint Resources

Linux Mint Resources

We’ve found some great resources that you can use to get started.

If you're looking for a free operating system or you just want to try something different from Windows or Mac OS X, Linux Mint is a great place to start. Known for being one of the easiest types of Linux to use, Linux Mint comes pre-packaged with most of the tools you'll need to fulfill your daily computing needs. If you've used Windows, Linux Mint will seem familiar, and the resources below should help you learn what you need to get started.

Learn more

Once you’ve installed and become familiar with Linux Mint, these resources offer help and tips for how to improve your experience and use the software.

Ask for help

Many Linux communities are founded on the principle of sharing and helping your peers. If you have questions, these forums have many members willing to help, and they’re free to use.

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