LinkedIn Basics: More Resources

Lesson 11: More Resources


More resources

Want to learn even more about using LinkedIn? Review some of the resources below.

  • LinkedIn's official blog: Here, you'll find the latest LinkedIn updates and articles from career experts.
  • LinkedIn Help: Here, you'll find solutions to common problems you may experience on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn's YouTube channel: Here, you'll find official videos from LinkedIn featuring career experts with advice on topics from networking to personal branding.
  • The Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn: In addition to the basics, Mashable's guide to LinkedIn also covers the mobile version of the site, along with information on Premium accounts.
  • 20 Critical Dos and Don'ts of LinkedIn Networking: This 20-item list from Inc. magazine can help teach you many important aspects of LinkedIn etiquette.
  • Resume Writing: Because your LinkedIn profile is essentially a digital resume, why not get some resume tips? Our tutorial covers everything you might need for your profile, from employment history and skills to personal summaries.