Learning WordPress: Bonus Resources

Lesson 8: Bonus Resources


Bonus resources

Here are a few websites/YouTube channels you might find helpful as you start learning about WP. Be sure to check them out if you have time!

Please Note: The links found throughout this tutorial are not affiliate links. In other words, GCF Global Learning is not affiliated with WordPress or any of the websites mentioned/linked in each lesson, nor do we receive any monetary compensation for referencing them.

  • For Step-by-Step Guidance: The YouTube tutorial below will lead you through the process of creating a WP site from start to finish. You can refer to the timestamps if you need help with one specific part. 

  • For Small Business Owners: Bluehost offers a WP Walkthrough Series. Each video tutorial shows you how to set up your website through the Bluehost interface, complete with screencasts.

  • For Finding Answers: WP Beginner has been one of the most widely used WP resources. Started in 2009 by Pakistani American entrepreneur Syed Balkhi, their website has extensive "Best Of" and "How To" sections, as well as a large search bar right at the top of the landing page. Their YouTube channel is also quite popular.

  • For Women and Girls: GeekPack focuses on teaching women and girls how to use WP and how to code. They have a YouTube series and a website which offers tools like a five-day coding challenge, a coding camp for kids, and a few different workshops.