Grammar: There, Their, or They're?

Lesson 15: There, Their, or They're?


There, their, or they're?

Private Ramirez is sent on a daring mission: to learn the difference between there, their, and they're...

In our last lesson, we talked about homophones—words that sound alike but are spelled differently. Three of the most common homophones are there, their, and they’re.

When to use "there"

There often refers to a location.

  • Example: Look over there!

Secondly, there can be used in a greeting if you don’t know someone’s name.

  • Example: Hello there!

And finally, there can also mean at that point.

  • Example: I will introduce myself, and then my colleague John will take it from there and continue the presentation.

"Their" and "they're"

Their is possessive, meaning it’s a word that shows who or what something  belongs to. It indicates ownership.

  • Example: That is their suitcase.

They’re is a contraction for they + are. A contraction is a word made by shortening and combining two words.

  • Example: They’re already in town.