Grammar: Me or I?

Lesson 21: Me or I?


Me or I?

Things get weird when the Grammar Bandit tries to spread the gift of grammar…

If the pronouns me and I mean the same thing, how do you know which one to use in a sentence? Follow this rule of thumb in order to tell the difference…

When to use "I"

I should be used when it’s the subject of a sentence. (The subject is the person or thing doing the action. It’s also the focus of the sentence). 

  • Example 1: I went to the grocery store alone.
  • Example 2: Roberta and I went to the grocery store.

When to use "me"

Me is always the object of the sentence. It receives the action directly/indirectly, or comes after a preposition. (A preposition is a small word that reflects things like location or direction. Examples include to, toward, around, with, and on).

  • Example 1: Rowan threw me the ball. 
  • Example 2: Rowan threw the ball toward me.