Google Keep: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Getting started

Google Keep is a note-taking app that lets you easily create notes and reminders to help you keep track of your thoughts. By logging in to your Google Account, you can access them anytime using any device. In this lesson, we'll teach you the basics of Google Keep.

Watch the video below to get started with Google Keep.

Google Keep mobile app

To follow along, you’ll need to have downloaded the Google Keep app to your smartphone.

Google Keep mobile app

Also, you'll need to log in to your Google Account.

Google Account log in

In our example, we are using an iPhone so there may be some subtle differences if you are using an Android phone. 

Create a note

  1. From the app’s home screen, tap the plus icon to start a new note.
    tapping the plus icon
  2. Then, type your thoughts into the field.
    typing a note
  3. Adding a Title is optional, but it can help you organize your notes better.
    adding a title
  4. Then, tap the back arrow to create the note.
    tap the back arrow
  5. To return to it, all you have to do is tap the note from the home screen.
    note on the home screen

Create a checklist

  1. First, tap the plus icon.
    plus icon
  2. From the toolbar above the keyboard, tap the square plus icon.

    square plus icon
  3. From the menu, tap Checkboxes.
  4. Next, tap List item.
    List item
  5. You can now type your checklist followed by adding an optional Title. When you are done, tap the back arrow to create the note.
    typing the checklist and title then tapping the back arrow
  6. When you are ready to check off something, simply tap the note from the home screen. Then, tap the list item.

    tapping the note

If you no longer need a note, you can choose to either Archive it or Delete it. Archive means moving it from your Notes screen to the Archive folder. Deleting means that it is moved to Trash and will be deleted permanently after 7 days.  

archive or delete

Create a reminder

  1. Tap the plus icon to create a new note.
    plus icon
  2. Type your reminder and add a Title if you want one. Next, tap the bell plus icon.
    bell plus icon
  3. You can pick the day and time for the reminder.
    date and time
  4. If the reminder needs to repeat, you can set up repetitive reminders.
    creating a repetitive reminder
  5. To add the address, the Pick place tab can help you. You may need to enable location settings to use this feature.
    Pick place to add an address
  6. Click the checkmark icon to add the reminder. You may need to enable notifications within your phone’s settings, to see the reminder on your phone.
    checkmark icon
  7. Tap the back arrow to have the reminder added to the home screen.
    back arrow to create the reminder

Google Keep for desktop

After logging into your Google Account, click the Google apps icon. From the apps menu, click Keep.

selecting Keep from the Google apps menu

You’ll see the notes from the mobile process here because Google Keep syncs across all devices.

notes from the mobile process

Create a note

  1. Click the Take a note… field.
    Take a note... field
  2. You can type your note and add an optional Title.
    typing the note and adding a title
  3. Just like we did in the mobile app, you can click the bell plus icon to make this note a reminder with the day, time, and place.
    bell plus icon to create a reminder
  4. To make a checklist, click the More icon, followed by Show checkboxes.

    more icon and show checkboxes to create a checklist
  5. When you are done creating your note, click Close to have the note show up on the home page.
    close the note

When you no longer need the note, you can select Delete note or the Archive icon to return to it later.

archive or delete note

Main menu

On the home page, click the Main menu icon to open or close the left pane.

main menu icon

This is where you can see your scheduled Reminders, find notes in the Archive, and see notes you’ve put in the Trash to permanently delete. 

main menu options

When you are switching devices, you can open up Google Keep and log in to your Google Account to see that your notes and reminders are easy to access anytime. Everything is simply kept in the app.