Facebook for iPhone: Managing Your News Feed

Lesson 11: Managing Your News Feed


Managing your News Feed

  • In your news feed, you’ll see a small arrow in the right-hand corner of every post. When you tap the Arrow icon, there are several options in the drop-down menu. 
  • You can Hide the Post by tapping the X icon next to “I don’t want to see this.” You can Report the Post by tapping the Circle-Backslash icon if the content is inappropriate and violates Facebook’s user policy.
  • You can also Unfollow the person who posted it. This means their posts will no longer appear in your news feed. They will not be notified that you unfollowed them. This is different from removing them as a Facebook friend.
  • You can also unfollow someone by visiting their Facebook page. Tap the Friends icon, and then select Unfollow from the drop-down menu.
  • In order to unfriend them, tap Unfriend in the drop-down menu instead. In the pop-up menu, tap OK. They will not be notified that you unfriended them, but if they look at their friends list or look you up on Facebook, they will see that you are no longer friends.