Excel Tips: Two Ways to Use the Format Painter

Lesson 3: Two Ways to Use the Format Painter


Two ways to use the Format Painter

The Format Painter offers a quick way to copy all of the formatting from one cell to another. This can help keep things consistent without spending a lot of time replicating the formatting in each cell.

Screenshot of the Format Painter command

There are two ways to use the Format Painter:

  • Single-click the Format Painter to copy the formatting from the selected cell, then click a different cell to paste the formatting. Alternatively, you can click and drag over a range of cells to paste the formatting to multiple cells.
  • Double-click the Format Painter if you want to copy the formatting to several non-adjacent cells. When you use this method, you can paste the formatting to as many cells as you want, and the Format Painter will stay on. When you're done, you'll need to click the Format Painter again to turn it off.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the Format Painter.