Creativity: The Dangers of Perfectionism

Lesson 4: The Dangers of Perfectionism


The dangers of perfectionism

While you may feel that being a perfectionist at work can make you a better employee, did you know that it can also make you less productive?

Watch the video below to learn some tips for avoiding perfectionism.

Being a perfectionist might mean that you spend too much time on tasks, trying to get them just right. This could backfire, causing you to neglect other tasks and duties. A good way to remedy this is to set deadlines for your projects and stick to them, rather than working on something until it's perfect.

As a perfectionist, you may also believe that others can't do the work as well as you can. This may leave your coworkers with the feeling that you don't trust them. You'll also likely end up giving yourself a larger workload than you can handle. If this is the case, try delegating tasks when appropriate. Remind yourself that there are many right ways to solve a problem, not only the way you do them. If your coworker has a different solution, give them a chance to try it.

It can be challenging to change these habits, but avoiding perfectionism can lead to increased productivity and a better rapport with coworkers.