Career Planning and Salary: Your Career

Lesson 6: Your Career


Your career

When you hear the term career, what do you think of? Many people envision a nine-to-five job or someone pursuing a specialized field. These are both valid examples, but when it comes down to it a career is a reflection of you and your work.

Watch the video below to learn more about defining a career.

People have viewed careers differently over the years. Decades ago, some considered a career to be working with one company until you retired. Later, others viewed it as working your way up through a specific industry.

But nowadays, the workforce is changing at a faster pace. A career can include side hustles or working in the gig economy. Many people are also changing jobs more frequently. Because of the way our workforce is evolving, there's no right or wrong way to define what a career is.

For example, let's take a look at Jennifer. She's always been a great creative problem-solver. Her first job was helping her parents run their family business. But for her next job, she found herself in event planning. And while working through both of these jobs, she was also a freelance artist and was blogging on a regular basis. Even though these jobs seem fairly unrelated, they form a career all her own.

Simply put, a career is a culmination of the jobs you hold and how you weave them together to form a bigger picture.