Career Experiences: Happiness in the Workplace (Podcast)

Lesson 9: Happiness in the Workplace (Podcast)


Happiness in the Workplace (Podcast)

employees happy at their workplace

These podcasts are conversations between staff members about the never-ending pursuit of happiness in the workplace. You can learn how they dealt with unhappy jobs and tyrannical bosses, and what they discovered about themselves in the process.

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The Boss

Even if you work in the job of your dreams, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. In this episode, Danielle talks about her career in publishing and how she kept her sanity despite the pressures of a tough boss.

A New Perspective

When leadership doesn’t support you or your colleagues, the results can be miserable. In this episode, Lisa discusses her time teaching students and dealing with a difficult work environment.

Muggy Days and Soggy Shoes

You do what you have to do in order to earn a living, and sometimes it means walking outside in the summer heat reading electric meters. During this episode, Todd talks about his experience as a meter reader, and how he kept his spirits up and found the positives in a job that didn't fulfill him.

Repetition and Red Tape

Repetition and bureaucratic red tape can turn any job into a slog. Our guest Dan talks about his experience as a social worker, and how working through the repetition led to positive change within his community.


To conclude the Happiness in the Workplace series, Clayton goes over the highlights and major takeaways of the previous podcast conversations.