Basic Spanish Skills: Emergencies and Illnesses

Lesson 11: Emergencies and Illnesses


Emergencies and illnesses

Emergencies and illnesses: No one likes for them to happen, but they sometimes strike when we least expect it. It can be particularly troubling if they pop up while you're in a foreign country!

Let's take a closer look at some phrases you may need when you're sick or during an emergency. Click the buttons to hear each word, or hover your mouse over the words to see an English translation.

¿Dónde está el hospital?

¿Dónde está la farmacia?

No me siento bien.

¡Necesito ayuda!

¡Rápido! ¡Es una emergencia!

¡Llama una ambulancia!

¡Necesito un médico!

We hope you won't need to use these phrases, but it's important to know them in case the situation arises!