Basic Computer Skills: Uninstalling Software from Your Mac

Lesson 23: Uninstalling Software from Your Mac


Uninstalling software from your Mac

If you find that you no longer use an application, you can uninstall the software to remove it from your computer. This is a good way to clear up space on your hard drive and keep your computer free of clutter.

  1. Open a new Finder window, then select Applications.
    opening the Applications folder
  2. Locate the desired application, then click and drag it to the Trash Can on the Dock.
    dragging an application to the Trash Can
  3. Empty the Trash Can.
    empyting the trash can

That's it! The application will be removed from your computer.

There are some applications that can't be removed this way. To completely uninstall an application like this, you'll need to locate and delete its Library files. This can be a little complicated, so we'd recommend following these instructions from MacRumors.