WordPress Resources: WordPress Resources

Lesson 1: WordPress Resources

WordPress Resources

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used to create and manage websites. More than 75 million sites use WordPress, ranging from personal blogs to full-fledged company websites. We’ve put together a list of resources that will help you get up and running with WordPress.


The resources below will help answer any questions you have before you start using WordPress. One important thing to know is that there are two main options: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is the simpler option; hosting, themes, and other features are all built-in, so you can just focus on writing. WordPress.org requires a bit more work to set up, and you'll also have to find a separate hosting service; however, you’ll have more flexibility to customize your website and add advanced features.

Getting Started

At this point, you may have decided whether WordPress.com or WordPress.org is the best fit for your needs. As you continue learning how to use WordPress, keep in mind that some websites focus on just one of the versions, so you should try to figure out whether the information is relevant to the version you are using. Below, you can find resources for learning WordPress.com and WordPress.org. There's also a video about the dashboard, which applies to both versions.

More Tips

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can use the resources below to hone your WordPress skills. These resources will show you how to write articles, add media, and more.

WordPress Themes

A theme determines what your website will look like. There are many different themes to choose from, both free and paid. If you use WordPress.com, you’ll need to choose one of the themes from the first resource below. If you use WordPress.org, there are many third-party sites where you can find free or paid themes, including Graph Paper Press and Themify below.

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