Vine: Liking and Sharing

Lesson 6: Liking and Sharing


Liking, commenting, and sharing

You can interact with any video you find on Vine. For example, you can like a vine, leave a comment, or share the vine with others.


To like a Vine, tap the ☺ (smiley face) button. Any vines you like will be added to your profile, which makes it easy to find them again later on.


Comments are a great way to let the creator know how you feel about a video or to start a discussion with other viewers. To leave a comment, tap the Comment button below a vine and type your comment.


Sharing is probably one of our favorite things to do on Vine. After all, who doesn't want to see that goofy dance routine you just found? You can choose to share a vine with a few of your friends or even Revine it to share with all of your followers. To share a vine, tap the Share button and choose your sharing option.