Vine: Creating Vine Videos

Lesson 4: Creating Vine Videos


Creating Vine videos

Vine makes it easy to create and share your own short videos. You can record a vine using the built-in camera on your smartphone. To do this, tap the Record button, press and hold the screen to record, then release to stop recording. When the progress bar at the top of the screen is full, you're done!

Advanced recording options

If you want your videos to look more polished, tap the Wrench button to see more advanced recording tools. From there, you'll see a few cool options, such as a grid, level, and focus lock. There's even ghost mode, which overlays an image of the previous clip on the video, making it easier to create stop-motion videos.

Importing videos into Vine

If you've recorded a video with your phone's default camera app or a similar app, you can import the video into Vine. To do this, select the Import button in the lower-left corner and choose the desired video.

Editing your vines

After you've recorded your video, you'll probably want to edit it. Because a vine can only be six seconds long, squeezing everything in might feel a bit tricky. The editor makes it easy to trim your video clips, remove clips you don't want to use, and even combine short clips from different videos you've recorded.

To trim a clip, select Edit, choose the desired clip, and move the handles to trim the clip to the desired length.

If you want to remove a clip from your current project, select Edit, choose the clip you want to remove, and tap the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

You can read read this blog post from Vine to learn more about managing your recording sessions.

Sharing vines

When you're happy with the vine, you are ready to share it. Just select Save, tap the check mark, and choose your sharing options. For example, you can choose who to share with (everyone on Vine or as a direct message to a few people), add a caption, choose which other social networks to share with (if any), and more.

The finished product

Curious how our project turned out? Check out the final version of the vine below!