Skype: Adding Contacts

Lesson 3: Adding Contacts


Adding contacts

Who do you know on Skype? Maybe friends or family members? It's time to add them to your contacts. Adding contacts manually, or importing them from services like Facebook or Outlook, is the first step toward actually using Skype to call, chat, and video conference with the people you care about.

To add a contact:

  1. Search for someone you know using a name, Skype name, or email address with the search bar, then click any name to see more information.
    searching for new skype contacts
  2. When you find the person you're looking for, click Add to Contacts to send a contact request.
    adding a new contact

Accepting contact requests

On Skype, you add contacts to your account—and they add you to theirs—via contact requests. When you receive a request, you can accept, decline, or block the person.

accepting a contact request

Importing contacts

Skype can help you find more people you know by importing your contacts from other accounts like Google and Yahoo!. Although Skype's ability to import all of your contacts is somewhat limited, it's a great way to add more than one person at a time if you have several friends who use Skype.

To import contacts:

  1. Select the Settings gear, choose Contacts, then click the option to Automatically add friends.
    turning on the Automatically add friends option
  2. Select Manage address books.
    selecting Manage Address Books
  3. A dialog box will appear. From here, you can select a service you use, then enter your user name and password.
    choosing a service to link to Skype
  4. Once you've linked your account, any contacts from that service who also use Skype will be automatically added to your contacts list.