Search Better (2012): Evaluate a Webpage Practice

Lesson 5: Evaluate a Webpage Practice


Practice evaluating information

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Many pages may seem reliable at first, but as you evaluate them you may find that they actually aren't. By looking for clues on different parts of a webpage, you can decide whether it is a reliable source. As you practice this skill, you'll be able to evaluate webpages more quickly and accurately.

Explore the sample webpage below to practice evaluating a webpage. You may want to read through the page first, then click the labels to evaluate each section.

You can also download and print our Evaluating Websites tip sheet to help you remember what to look for in websites.

Try this!

Go to the following two sites: Man on the Moon - A rethink and How Do We Know The Moon Landing Really Happened?

  • What is each site's point of view?
  • What can you tell about the authors? Which author likely has more expertise on the subject?
  • Does each site use good evidence to support its claims?
  • Which site do you think is more reliable?