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Lesson 2: Download Offline Site - 2016 Version


Offline site: Downloadable links (2016 version)

This is the 2016 version of the offline site. If you're looking for a previous version, visit the 2015 version. There are a few differences between these versions:

  • The 2016 version includes newer tutorials such as Word 2016. Each lesson is a PDF file, and if a lesson has associated videos, they can be found in a separate folder. Some tutorials, most notably Everyday Life, Mouse Tutorial, and Office 2007 and earlier, are not included in the 2016 offline site. These tutorials can still be found in the 2015 version.
  • The 2015 version includes most of our content created before 2015, but newer content is not included. Each lesson is an HTML file that can be opened in a web browser.

To download an offline version of any of our tutorials, simply click the desired tutorial below. It will be downloaded as a zip file to your computer. For more information on using this page, please reference these instructions.

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Living in the Online Word

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