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Lesson 10: Pay Bills


Pay bills

Almost everyone has to deal with bills in some form or another. Many people have phone and credit card bills. You may also deal with them for utilities like electricity and gas.

Bills can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to pick apart. Let's take a look at some examples that feature information commonly found on a variety of bills.

Read the following questions and click the buttons in the interactives below to try and find the answers. You can also simply click the buttons to explore the different parts of a bill.

  • Where can I find how much money I owe?
  • How much more will I owe if I'm late?
  • How should I contact this company if have a question?
edit hotspotslabeled graphic of a gas bill

Sometimes, the numbers will appear in different places on the bill, and they may also have different names. Below is another bill showcasing some of these

  • How much did I pay on my last bill?
  • How much do I owe this month?
  • What are the different policies I'm being charged for?
edit hotspotslabeled graphics of an insurance bill

You can also click here for a tip sheet that might help you with reading your own bills.

If you're having trouble paying some of your bills, there are several government programs you can look into for assistance.